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Key Points:

  • We, too, like many other Arts organizations have been affected by the challenges of our time: costs to aid after natural disasters, 9-11, loss of contributions from philanthropists and corporations (EXXON)

  • We believe to be well-rounded, youth need to experience art forms other than their daily diet of rap, rock, and hip-hop.

  • Your financial contributions are sincerely appreciated and greatly needed in helping to provide area youth with quality instruction and learning opportunities based on exposure to the larger arts and cultural aspects of our society.

  • Our track record supports that such exposure helps produce persons who are productive and civic minded.

Levels of Contribution:
Your participation in one of the giving levels below is tax deductible.

Founders’ Circle (Underwriters)
($5,000 & up)

Founders’ Club
($1,005 - $4,999)

NECAC Supporters
($500 - $1,004)

NECAC Patrons
($150 -$499)

Friends of NECAC:

  • Donate the cost of one or more violins ($75-$180);

  • Sponsor a child’s full tuition ($300);

  • Donate the cost of one bus transportation for a field trip

  • Sponsor a table for 8-10 at the recognition and/or Finale affair(s)

  • Volunteer your time and talent on the fundraising committee and/or activities.

Please use a cashier’s check, money order, or company draft/check, made payable to Northeast Cultural Arts Council, Inc., to make your donation. Thank you for investing in changing children’s lives through Arts education.

Mailing Address:
Northeast Cultural Arts Council, Inc.
P.O. Box 21476
Houston , Texas 77026