The Northeast Cultural Arts Council (NECAC) is a community based, non-profit organization chartered by the state of Texas in May, 1984. The purpose of the organization is to provide exposure to the arts and humanities in a safe, creative learning environment.

In the past two decades, there has been a drastic decline in cultural enrichment opportunities for youth residents of the northeast and surrounding areas. Historically, children's fine arts education and classical exposure were left to the public schools. The elementary, junior and senior high schools offered art and music appreciation, cultural exposures to classical events, such as, the symphony, opera, theater and ballet performances, as extracurricular activities. In the early eighties, computer literacy programs replaced enrichment programs. Less than 40% of the public schools offered art and music education. This suggests to us that fine arts education is perceived as a "frill" rather than an essential part of the total educational development of an important segment of our society: our children.


NECAC believes that when children are exposed to the arts during their formative years, they develop creative interests for life. These creative interests become incentives to stay in school and provide tools with which to develop their artistic talents and career potentials.

NECAC Board of Directors accepts the responsibility to bridge the existing gap by providing creative enrichment opportunities at this crucial time. The goal is to sponsor concerts and art exhibitions for the families within the community, develop lifelong appreciation for classical arts through our arts education program, coordinate field trips to cultural events and serve as a referral agent for fine arts training and entertainment.


NECAC's major project is its five-six weeks Summer Arts Enrichment Program that has served over 2000 youths since 1985. The summer arts program is designed to accomplish the following:

  1. Create cultural awareness and appreciation for the classical arts among young participants ages 5 - 15;
    Identify, develop and nurture their artistic talents;

  2. Provide exposure to art exhibitions, museums, classical events, theater and dance concerts;

  3. Learn how to be a good audience by exposure to live performances and interaction with professional artists;

  4. Provide a safe, creative learning environment for "latch-key" kids and disadvantaged students who would otherwise be on the "streets";

  5. Provide diversified career path alternatives for talented minority youth;

  6. Provide the highest quality of creative experiences to enhance the self-esteem and confidence of the young participants.

Our Participantschildren

Eighty-five (85%) of the participants are attending music magnet schools at Bruce, Fleming Fine Arts Academy and the High School for Visual and Performing Arts.

Our students have performed in the Houston Grand Opera's productions of AIDA and MANON, The Nut Cracker and several Theater Under the Stars productions.

Others are members of high school bands, string orchestras and drama clubs. One alumnus is a young actress; another is a member of Alvin Ailey’s Dance Troupe, and several alumni are professional musicians.